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货物运输 Freight Transport
班轮 liner; packet ship
包装单 packing list
包装货物 packed cargo
保价货物 insured cargo
保税货物 bonded cargo
笨大货物 bulky goods
不定期船 tramp; tramper
不合格货物 disqualified goods
不流通提单 non-negotiable B/L
不清洁提单 unclean B/L
不准转运 no transshipment permitted
部分陆运与部分海运运输 part land and part sea transit
残损货物 damaged cargo
超长货物 long/lengthy goods
超程动物 distance freight
超重 overweight
超重货物 heavy package/lift
超载货物 overloaded cargo
陈旧提单 stale B/L
尺寸单 dimensions list
出发卷 port of departure
出发日期 date of sailing/departure
储运 received for shipment
船边交货 free-alongside-ship(FAS)
船期表 list of sailings; sailing schedule
船上交货 free-on-board (FOB)
船位拥挤 congestion of shipping space
大副收据 mate's receipt
代运业务 forwarding operation
待领货物 unclaimed cargo
待装船 received for shipment
单独海损 average unless general; particular average
单独海损不赔 free of particular average
到达港 port of arrival; destination port
 到达口岸 destination port
抵达时间 date and time of arrival
定期船条件 berth terms
定期货船 cargo liner
定期客货船 passenger and cargo liner
定期邮船 mail liner; mailer
短卸货物 short-landed cargo
短装货物 short-shipped cargo
 发货地国家 country of delivery
发货通知书 consignment note
费用已付 charges paid
费用已预付 charges prepaid
分批装船 partial shipment
公证书 notarization
共同海损 general average
惯驶航线 usual route
贵重货物 treasure and valuable goods
过境货 transit cargo
海关发票 customs invoice
海关监管货物 goods under customs supervision
 合同货物 contract goods
回运货 return cargo
货柜 container
货柜装货物 container cargo
货价、保险、运费、佣金及利息 cost; insurance; freight; commission & interest
货价、保险、运费及汇兑费 cost; insurance; freight & exchange
(CIF & E) 货价、保险、运费及佣金 cost; insurance; freight & commission
(CIF & C) 货价、保险及运费 cost; insurance & freight
(CIF) 货价及保险 cost & insurance
(C & I) 货价及运费 cost & freight(
C & F) 货物联运 through-freight traffic
货载船位 cargo accommodation
基本险 marine risk
集装箱 container
记名提单 order B/L
交货港 port of delivery
经由第三国过境 passage in transit through another country
净重 net weight
开航日期 sailing date
空白背书提单 blank endorsed B/L
快运货 express goods/cargo
冷冻货 reefer/refrigerated goods
冷气货 air-cooled cargo
离岸价格 free-on-board (FOB)
联运提单 through B/L
零批货 parcel of goods
领事签证发票 consular invoice
流通提单 negotiable B/L
漏卸货物 leakage
轮船代理人 shipping agent
裸装货 nude cargo
毛重 gross weight
 门到门服务 door-to-door service
免税货物 duty-free goods
目的港 port of destination (POD)
 皮重 tare (weight)
平安险 free from particular average
(FPA) 破损险 breakage
起航港 port of sailing
启航日期 date of sailing/departure
窃盗遗失 theft; pilferage & non-delivery
轻泡货 light/measurement cagro
清洁提单 clean B/L
全部灭失险 total loss only (TLO)
 全险 all risk (insurance)
绕航 deviation; change of voyage
容积货物 light/measurement cargo
商业发票 commercial invoice
收货代理人 receiving agent
收货单 mate's receipt
收货地国家 country of destination
收货人 consignee
收货人记名提单 straight B/L
 受通知人 party to be notified
输出口岸 loading port
水陆联运 through transport by land and water; mixed risk
水险 marine risk
水渍险 with particular average (WPA)
 提单 bill of lading (B/L)
 提单抄本 non-negotiable B/L
体积吨 measured ton
 通知关系人 notified party
统一发票 uniform invoice
投保单 (risk) coverage note
退关货物 shut out cargo
托运人 shipper; consignor
托运物 consignment
危险货 dangerous/hazardous cargo
违法物品 contraband (articles)
违禁物品 contraband (articles)
误卸货物 mis-discharged cargo
误装货物 mis-shipped cargo
限制物品 restricted articles
卸货船方免责 free out unloading
 卸货港 port of unloading/discharge
 选择港 port of option; optional port
 押运人 supercargo
延滞日数 days of demurrage
沿途停靠港 port of call
一次装船 one shipment
一切风险 one risk (insurance)
已完税货物 duty-paid goods
已装船 on-board
应税物品 dutiable goods
遇难港 port of distress
预定保单 open policy
预付运费 freight prepaid
预估启航期 estimated time of departure
(ETD) 预计抵达日期 estimated time of arrival
(ETA) 原产地证明单 certificate of origin
远洋航运 ocean shipping
运费待收 freight to be collected; freight forward
运费到收 freight to be collected; freight forward
运费回扣 freight rebate
运费已付 freight prepaid
运输代理人 forwarding agent
运输委托书 forwarding order
杂货 general cargo
载货容积吨数 measurement tonnage
 在途中 en route; in transit
战争险 war risk
 丈量吨 measured ton
直达货 through cargo
中途转运港 port of transshipment; intermediate port
 重货 deadweight cargo
重量不足 underweight
重量单 weight list 重量吨 weight ton
转船货 transhipment cargo
转船装运 transhipment
转口货 transhipment cargo
转运提单 transhipment B/L
转载货 transit cargo
装货单 shipping order
装船日期 shipping date
装船文件 shipping documents
装货港 loading port; port of loading
装货免装费 free in term
装箱单 packing list
装卸船方免责 free in & out term (FIO)
装卸费均免 free in & out term (FIO)
装运说明 forwarding instructions
装运条款 shipment clause
装运通知 shipping notice/advice
 总重量 gross weight
最后停泊港 last port; port of last call
贸易用语 Trade Terms
搬运费 transportation charge
 磅码单 weight list
 包 packet; package
皮重 actual tare
包装费 packing charge
保兑费 confirming charge; fee for confirmation
保兑信用证 confirmed letter of credit; confirmed L/C
保护贸易 protective trade
保护贸易政策 protectionism
保税仓库 bonded warehouse
保险证书 letter of indemnity
 保证金 margin (money)
报关单 manifest
报关行 custom (house) broker
报价 quote; quotation
备忘录贸易 memorandum trade
 备用信用证 standby letter of credit; stand-by L/C
 比价 compare bids
避光 keep out of the sun
拨款 appropriation
驳船费 lighterage
不保兑信用证 unconfirmed (letter of ) credit
 不结汇 no exchange surrendered
 不可倒置 do not turn-over
不可平放 never lay flat
不可取消信用证 irrevocable letter of credit; irrevocable L/C
 不可转让信用证 non-negotiable letter of credit; non-negotiable L/C
不能压 fragile (not to be stowed below other cargo)
不透水舱 watertight compartment
 不许用钩 no hooks
部分损失 partial loss
采购授权书 procurement authorization
舱单 manifest
舱面货 on-deck cargo
舱内货 under-deck cargo
舱位 shipping space
仓单 storage slip
仓库费 storage charge
草包 straw bag
草袋 straw bag
差异 discrepancy
成套零件输出 knock-down export
承兑费 acceptance charge
承兑汇单 documentary acceptance bill (DA)
承兑银行 bank of acceptance
出仓 take out of storage
出产地 country of origin
出超贸易差额 balance of export trade 出口 export
 出口报关 export declaration
出口货 export; export cargo
出口检验证明单 export inspection certificate
 出口结汇 negotiate exportation
出口结汇单 export letter of credit; export L/C
出口津贴 export subsidy
出口贸易 export trade
出口签证 certificate of export
出口商 export
出口申报书 export declaration
出口许可证申请书 application for export license
出口押汇申请书 application for negotiation of draft under L/C
出票条款 drawn clause
船名 name of vessel
此端向上 this side up
存仓 store
代理高 agent; agency
代理银行 agent bank
单边贸易 unilateral trade
单一汇率 unified foreign exchange rate
到期日 expiration date
 得标商 successful bidder
低度开发国家 underdeveloped country
地区内贸易 domestic trade
电报费 cable charge
电报确认书 cable confirmation
独家代理 sole agent; exclusive agent
短期信用透支 short-term credit overdraft
短缺 shortage
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